Web Development

Our highly coordinated team of graphic designers, web developers, project managers and quality testers is ready to transform your innovative ideas into high performance solutions that will help your business succeed or even beautiful brand new intuitive website.

Digital Marketing

Creating a beautiful website or a great software alone isn’t enough for it’s epitome level of success. Your online presence is key for your target audience to convert into potential customers. We will improve your online web and social experiences, dispatch PPC battles and apply amazing third party referencing techniques to pull in new clients. Our search engine optimization specialists and internet showcasing experts will make you the lord of the game, increment your deals and leave your rivals far.

Strategic Consultation

We have a team of experts in the house who will give you professional advice on market segmentation, code analysis and how the existing code maps with the underlying challenges, architectural analysis and server management.


Trusted by hundreds of business owners, we at Algomine-Tech provide end-to-end ecommerce development and E-commerce CMS customizations. We strongly believe that every business is unique, that is why we tailor our services specifically to meet your business needs and requirements.

Engineering Custom Software

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace so are the needs for different business. Therefore, the need to invest on newer or scalable software systems to keep these need met. Algomine-Tech Ltd is perfectly cut for that. We have a team of seasoned business developers and engineers who take a deep dive understanding of how your business operate. At the long run, most clients end up being lifelong partners due to this kind of relationship.

Project Management

Our luminous project managers and business analysts are adept in all steps for managing resources that your software project needs. They will map a scope of your software build, forecast progress and break tasks into managed releases that align with schedule and project cost goals.


This is how we think through when crafting a solution

The hardest part of what we do is working out exactly what needs doing. We already have a rough idea, but we dig far deeper and work out the tiny intricacies of what needs improving and what doesn’t.

Next, we’ll get working on the layout of the software and the key flows that the  system is being built around. At this point 80% of the system will be designed from a visual perspective.

It’s at this point we go a little quiet and just get it done. We give you progress reports when we reach milestones. There will be occasions where we need something clarified or checked with you. This is the longest part of the process.

Nothing is ever perfect first time. This is why we make sure that our lines of communication are especially open during your first few weeks. Our development team will be ready-and-waiting for any tiny changes.

We have a complete modern  Hospital Automation Software that suites  almost  any hospital or medical institution that has  OPD or IPD  to Operation and Pathology Tests.

We have crafted an awesome business intelligent software to help you with stock control, purchases, sales and day to day business reports such as profit and loss, tax reports etc.

We have a complete modern  School Automation Software that suites  any educational institution that has student admission to student leaving,  fees collection , exam results etc.

We Have Awesome Products

Since 2014, We have leveraged on new technologies to create awesome solutions that cut across solving multi-industrial challenges. Take a look!

We have crafted a software solution to sort out the issues experienced at dispatching and monitoring the invoices generated from other HMIS systems  through a simple, intuitive and elaborate automated dispatch system.

Having a vast experience in creating formidable and unique solutions for clients in the Transport and Logistics Industry, we engineered a multifaceted software solution that includes a customized web portal; warehousing software; Track and shipping feature; sales force mobile app, customer app,

We have crafted an all inclusive payroll software that streamlines payroll processes as well  addressing challenges in human resource.

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Why chose us ?

  • Your Ideas Are Safe
  • On Time Delivery
  • We Love Our Clients

We believe every client is unique and so is their business. We are a team of professionals who like creating successful projects for our clients.

Our approach for timely delivery for your project entails, proper planning, regular demo sessions and constant communication with our clients on the project needs and progress.

We are nerds but we love people. Most of our clients end up being friends. When you succeed we succeed. Therefore, we make sure our professionalism and genuine interest of your business solution are exercised when interacting.

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