03 Apr 2020

How to quickly develop an app during the COVID-19 lockdown

We are sure that you would prefer to go online under more positive circumstances, but even in remote work conditions and within a short period of time, it is possible to build a new mobile app from scratch. Here is the best strategy for you:

  1. Set up a team of remote developers. Freelancers shouldn’t be considered as an option here since it is too risky and leads to unexpected outcomes, even though it might seem cheaper (The coronavirus has created an environment which demands fast decision making, but not necessarily risk taking). That’s why only teams and companies with a trustworthy reputation, well-built remote working processes, and long-term experience will provide you with fast and high-quality results.
  2. Create a visual prototype. The best way to build your product during quarantine is to start with a product discovery phase that is adapted precisely to a quick development process during the crisis. It allows a technology company to readily gather your requirements and transform them into a working visual prototype (a product’s demo version) with a basic set of features to give your audience exactly what it needs right now.
  3. Develop a product and launch it to the market. After gathering feedback on the product from your users, investors, and friends, it goes straight to development and is then ready for launch. As a result, this new solution will help you continue your work and minimize the impact that COVID-19 has on your business.

Your business can respond to the coronavirus quickly

All these questions on how to keep a business afloat have one answer – find your customers online. They never left the city or country – they are staying in their places and trying to set up new routines with their families.

You know exactly how your target audience looks and what it needs at the moment – this is a starting point to help your small business survive the new coronavirus business environment. You do not need much – just one well-constructed idea for a digital solution. Everything else is a matter of development skills and expertise.

Adopted from https://easternpeak.com

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